About Us

Proof Positive Polygraph Testing is uniquely trained and qualified for PERSONAL, FAMILY, & FIDELITY testing, in a wide range of private issues. We have done thousands of these tests and are considered Colorado’s only Specialists in this field. We take pride in helping couples and families find truth in difficult times, knowing truth is the first step to rebuilding trust in relationships.

In most cases, our Examiners give the polygraph tests in our Denver or Colorado Springs Locations. (Please see maps.) Note that the Denver location is immediately across the street from the Yale Light-Rail-Station, off I-25.

However, if the situation requires, testing can be scheduled at the Attorney or Counselors offices. For those requiring “in office” testing, the Examiner will plan on setting-up in a quite/private location that you will provide. At that time, the counselor or attorney will discuss the list of questions with the Examiner; prior to meeting the client to be tested.

Our Bio:

  • APA (American Polygraph Association)
  • CAPE, (Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners)
  • Registered as Expert Polygraph examiners with Colorado ADC
  • Expert Witness in Colorado Courts
  • We have 6 years doing Colorado State DOC Community Parole Officer Pre-Employment testing.
  • We have done Pre-Employment testing for Colorado Springs Fire Department.
  • We have done thousands of Marriage & Relationship polygraph tests.  We pride ourselves in this unique area of Specialization.


Our computerized polygraph instrument (known as a Lie-Detector) is the same quality and type used by most Federal and local Police agencies in the United States. Our Examiners are professionally trained to the same exacting standards using this instrument.

Our polygraph instruments are manufactured by the Lafayette Instrument Company.

Lafayette Instrument Company is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Polygraph/ lie-detector instruments, distributing credibility assessment instruments to government and military organizations throughout the world.

What type of Polygraph tests do we do?

1)   Initial Truth Testing
2)   Theft
3)   Pre-employment
4)   Maintenance Polygraph
5)   Addiction Recovery

1.) Initial Truth Testing:

This would be a singular testing situation such as a false accusation or marriage infidelity issue.  This would be used in cases like “did you have an affair” or “did you steal the watch”?  Very often, a one-time polygraph test will produce the results necessary to settle a trust issue, and move a relationship forward, repairing the gap of trust for both parties.

2.) Theft:

Theft in families & businesses causes much suspicion and trauma when the culprit has not been identified.  The polygraph test is the perfect antidote in these situations.  Proof Positive Polygraph has done an enormous number of business & family theft polygraphs with a high rate of success.

3.) Pre-Employment Testing:

Polygraph testing is commonly done for pre-employment;  particularly in areas of  banking, securities, Police, Fire Departments, alarm services and restricted substances, just to name a few.

4.) Maintenance Polygraph:

This testing plan is designed for marriage relationship maintenance or addiction management. As an accompaniment to counseling and therapy, this repetitive testing procedure can help walk damaged relationships back to solid ground. Regular testing can help both parties to continue recovery and to increase their trust levels. The “victim” is able to see proof that there are no recent offenses; and the “offender” can now have proof that they are being honest about change. Highly manipulative clients with easily accessible issues may require testing at 60, or 90 day intervals. On the other hand, relationship building therapies may only use re-testing once or twice a year. Discuss this possibility with your Examiner. Because each situation is unique, the Examiner can help determine if repeated testing is beneficial for you.

5.) Addiction Recovery:

Those that battle minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, compulsive behaviors, need a reason to resist acting out.  They will gain “incentive to be compliant” with their recovery program when they know an offense will certainly be revealed at the next polygraph testing session.  Many people have reported that they required some form of absolute control to re-train their daily steps and habits.  It is a constant reminder that there is no escaping the truth.  People who have lost their battle with self-control behaviors often require extreme measures to maintain direction and avoid failure.  Testing should be very frequent in these cases, in order to reinforce the desire for compliance.

Polygraph Testing Protocol:

The following protocol is followed for every polygraph test:

  • All testing is approached in a professional, non-accusatory, low-profile manner.
  • The Proof Positive Polygraph Examiner will not display any bias, preconceptions or prejudgment of the client.
  • The Examiner will advise the client of the purpose of the polygraph.
  • The case will be reviewed with the spouse or therapist prior to the polygraph.
  • The Proof Positive Polygraph Examiner will provide the client with an explanation of the polygraph that includes physiological activity.
  • The Examiner will review the polygraph questions with the client and insure he/she understands each question, prior to testing.
  • Prior to testing, the Examiner will obtain information regarding any medical or physical condition to identify any possible barriers that could affect test results.

Examiner’s Code of Ethics:

  • Our exclusive purpose is to reveal the truth with polygraph testing (AKA Lie Detector).
  • All Proof Positive Polygraph/Lie Detector Examiners shall show respect and dignity to all examinees.
  • They will not allow any influence intended to benefit themselves, either personally, politically or financially.
  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct & professionalism, with complete confidentiality.
  • Proof Positive Polygraph Examiners shall not participate in any criticism of any other examiner or counselor.