Attorney/Defense Exams

Proof Positive Polygraph is well known in the Colorado Defense Attorney circuit, having achieved many successful outcomes in pre-court and pre-charge cases.  Furthermore, we can assure no cross-contamination with examinations done within the Judicial Post-Conviction testing system, because our examiners do not test for SOMB.  Testing for Attorneys can be done in our office, your office or in correctional containment facilities.

Attorneys use polygraph for a variety of purposes:

  • It can provide a “reasonable” pre-court argument to prosecutors when the hard evidence is lacking against their clients.
  • They are a very effective case management tool when working with a pool of suspects or witnesses.
  • Polygraph tests provide strong evidence in domestic cases that are weak with circumstantial accusations.
  • Polygraph results can accelerate an early defense in civil cases.

Defendants often use polygraph exams to help establish their claims to defend false charges.  Many times defendants are more confident with “private” polygraph examiners, who are outside the judicial system.  Also, falsely accused individuals often use the polygraph exam to defend their innocence or non-involvement in a situation.